borro Borrowed Happiness - A Short Film by Chris Raab and Gabe Staino
Borrowed Happiness - A Short Film by Chris Raab and Gabe Staino

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A Short Film by Chris Raab & Gabe Staino


Borrowed Happiness follows a group of bar regulars, inside and out of their favorite watering hole. Though the personalities and circumstances of the men differ greatly from one another, similarities between them exist, as habit leads them to continually seek out the almighty drink. The story explores, often with humor, the possibility that the guys might find the true happiness they seek, without having to settle for drunken euphoria.

Bradley Hendrix

Bradley Hendrix's life has been characterized by adventure literally since day one. While on Safari in Kenya, Bradley's mother Roxanne (not realizing she'd been pregnant), went into labor & delivered young Bradley right there in the lush Serengeti grasslands in full view of an on-looking herd of waterbuck, as well as an applauding Austrian tour group.

From a young age, Hendrix's comfort with the dramatic became apparent, leading him to apply for & be awarded (later revoked upon the revelation of his "whiteness") with an African American scholarship to a prestigious performing arts college. Asked about the scholarship & his role as "Brent" in Borrowed Happiness, Hendrix replied, "School didn't work out. Now as for my character Brent…, he is me & I am him. If you know what I mean."

Brandon DiCamillo

Audiences have been enjoying the many (often comedic) talents of Brandon DiCamillo since his work first gained significant viewer ship in the CKY Video Series. Since then, Brandon has featured in several television shows including MTV's Jackass, Viva La Bam, & Blastazoid, as well as in films such as Haggard, Minghags, Assassination of a High School President, Hotdog Casserole, & The Wrestler.

Gabe Staino

No stranger to the world of show business, Gabe Staino entered into the world of thespianism nearly twenty-five years ago. In 1989 & 1990, Staino wooed fellow classmates & their parents with his performances in his elementary school productions Oliver! (Mr. Bumble) & Bye Bye Birdy (Harry McAfee). At the time, many, including Staino himself, suggested that Mr. Platt (Producer/Director & 4th grade teacher) missed the boat by failing to cast the young talent in larger roles.

To a question concerning his extended theatrical hiatus, the self-proclaimed "expert multi-tasker" responded, "Well honestly, I've had other things to do & stuff, but at the same time, I've been preparing for this role my whole life."

Mike Unger

Mike Unger is poised to make an impact in film similar to that which he's made in the world of semi-pro baseball in northern Georgia, where his moderately impressive versatility is still talked about by some former fans of the now defunct Monroe Mad Dogs of the now defunct Upper Georgia Baseball League. Unger holds distinction in Monroe history as the only one to serve as both a pitcher & the mascot "Toto" for the Mad Dogs. He later served as team photographer.

Asked about his upcoming role as "Keith" in Borrowed Happiness, Unger had this to say, "I'm excited to build on the acting experience I gained from my work as Toto."

David Bottaro

A fantastic 2011 for Dave "Lord" Bottaro was appropriately capped off in December when he was presented with the town key to Hibbing, Minnesota. This out of appreciation for the pamphlet he authored in defense of the local timber wolf population entitled Them Wolfs Is Alright! Earlier last year he successfully found and preserved a four-leaf clover, which he'd been casually seeking since childhood.

There's reason for optimism in 2012 as well, as Bottaro brings his talents to the cast of Borrowed Happiness. His previous film work includes roles in Haggard, Minghags, Hotdog Casserole, & the CKY Video Series, as well as his featured appearances in MTV's Viva La Bam.

Natalie Stone

Just recently, Natalie Stone made a gutsy move & left a lucrative career to follow her dreams toward a life in show business. The risk seems to be paying dividends for Natalie already as her talent has already found her contributing to film (The Red Corvette, Shake Road), television (Boardwalk Empire, Rocco's Dinner Party), the stage (Tony & Tina's Wedding), & radio (Cucina's Chatter).

The Borrowed Happiness team is extremely excited for her to be on-board as the sky seems to be the limit for Natalie Stone.

George Tietze

George Tietze's successful run during his 17 years as resident playwright & actor for the City Theater Company has certainly not gone unnoticed. The production of By George! a collection of short plays, saw Tietze's talent as a playwright lauded for his "clever & comedic navigation of distinctly dark, squirm-worthy subjects." He's also received considerable journalistic praise for his acting work with the Theater Company, as well as from his recurring role on the Internet series The League.

Tietze's unique perspective & considerable talents will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the Borrowed Happiness team.

On Set

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Learn about the people that made this film possible.

Chris Raab
Producer / Director / Writer

The word 'Raab' means 'to produce' in German. That is what Chris Raab does. He produces. Raab's older brother tells the story of the day Chris was born. "Mom had just 'produced' Chris an hour before. We all went in to welcome the little tike to the family. He was really cute, large head... Aunt Bonnie was hanging over baby Chris taking pictures with her disposable Kodak, when the camera slipped out of her hands and fell on him. Naturally, we were all terrified, thinking that camera may have dented the boy's enormous head. So we all looked down at Chris... and I'll be damned if he wasn't handling that camera like an expert, snapping away at us, using the flash and everything! A few days later, 'Butterfinger Bonnie' had the film developed. Let me tell you. The pictures that baby Chris took that day were beautiful! We'd never looked so good. I had one of me blown up and framed. It hangs over my fireplace today."

Gabe Staino
Co-Producer / 1st Assistant Director / Writer

An effective film producer possesses extensive knowledge of the many aspects of the filmmaking process. That knowledge, along with skill, acquired through the producer's experience, is essential in the creation of a quality motion picture. Gabe Staino has none of this, but what he does bring to Borrowed Happiness... is gusto!

James Morales
Associate Producer

With a love for the Entertainment Industry, Nashville based Producer & Celeb Photographer James Morales has been working in the business since 2006. Starting out as a photographer/camera man James landed his first big job with American Idol and eventually went on to work for several other Reality TV Shows.

Recently James has produced several films including the new controversial film "The Hospital" which has continued to pick up shocking reviews. A film that Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) called "Shocking & Disturbing" and Tony Todd (Candyman) said was "The sickest shit since Rosemarys Baby". James also produced the upcoming thriller "Allison Undone" and is currently in pre-production on the Daniel Emery Taylor film Fat Chance set to Star James Hampton from Teen Wolf, John Dugan from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jim O'Rear (The Hospital) as well as Daniel Emery Taylor (Return of the Swampthing). James is also the CEO & Creator of Wehunt Zombies the upcoming ZOMBIE video game that will star many familiar faces from AMC's The Walking Dead. James is happy to be a part of Borrowed Happiness team.


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